Arboriculture, Bangladesh

Arboriculture cultivation of trees, shrubs and vines with the purpose of enhancing the beauty of a place. It is derived from the word 'arbor' which means a place covered with grass and shaded by trees. Arbor is generally associated with a structure, lattice work in particular. In present day terminology, landscape architecture or landscape horticulture may be used synonymously with arboriculture. In most developed countries, arboriculture is taught to degree students of architecture and horticulture. In Bangladesh, arboriculture has not yet properly developed as a science, though it is practiced to some extent. The students of bachelor's degree in architecture of the bangladesh university of engineering and technology are offered two courses in landscape architecture. Students of forestry are also given a general idea about the subject. Department of Roads and Highways under the Ministry of Communication, and the Public Works Department (PWD) under the Ministry of Works, have arboriculture units attached to them. These organisations have their own nurseries to produce saplings that they use. PWD has a number of parks under its management.
[Mamun-ur Rashid - Banglapedia]